Each time you purchase a new shared hosting account, your financial transaction is inspected and processed, and then the account is set up on the web servers of the web hosting company. The process typically takes some time and even though it is highly automated, there's often a step, that is completed by a live person - either the transaction confirmation or the new account creation in the web server. Some hosting suppliers even wait until there is some number of orders in their system queue before they complete them. This way, you find yourself waiting rather than handling your web sites and sometimes it may take even a day or two to have your new hosting account activated and to get the login information for it.

Instant Account Activation in Shared Hosting

If you purchase a shared hosting plan from our company, you will not need to wait because your new account will be activated immediately. Within a few minutes we'll set everything up and we'll send you the account login info, so that you can start working on your sites straight away. If you purchase a domain name with the hosting plan, it will be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your Internet site is ready and you already have the files on your personal computer, you can just upload them. If you pick any of our absolutely free script-driven applications to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s creation, it is going to be ready to use with no delay and since we are available at all times, you can purchase a brand new account even during holidays and have it activated right away.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you get a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, we'll process your payment and set everything up right away. In a few minutes after you submit the order, you'll have the account login details as well as a fully functional website hosting Control Panel, so you're able to log in and start working on your website. Picking a pre-installed script on the order page is not going to affect the activation time, so if you would like to begin building your Internet presence using one of the free apps which we offer with the semi-dedicated plans, you will still not need to wait more than several minutes and you'll get the script administration area login info in addition to the semi-dedicated account ones. You may get a new account whenever you want since we are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Instant Account Activation in VPS Servers

Given that it takes time for a VPS server to be created, its Operating System and other additional software to be installed, you'd probably expect to wait for hours or even a day to be able to begin using your new hosting server. With our firm, however, this is not going to be the case since we guarantee that your VPS is going to be functioning and ready to use within just one hour. This is the maximum time we need to set everything up, even when you have chosen a web hosting CP during the order process, which often takes longer to set up. For a web server without CP, it'll take even much less than one hour. If you require a Virtual Private Server, it's likely you are migrating from a shared hosting plan, in order to have more system resources and we know how valuable time can be in such cases. That's why we will never delay a new server for more than 1 hour, even if you order it during a weekend or a holiday.